“No other Gods before me”

I have been reading the chapter of Jeremiah for the past few weeks, and God’s admonishment to the Israelites against polytheism is something that has been on my mind as someone who experimented with paganism and wicca in my early twenties (I am now in my early fifties). Most of us know that the commandment of monotheism from God the creator is the first of the ten commandments, but trendy occult religions are growing in number and popularity in the western world.

Some religions, notably Islam, consider Christianity a polytheistic religion because of God’s appointment of Christ as his heir apparent and his giving power to Christ to both judge and save humanity. Christ says in many different ways in the Gospels that he and the Father are of one mind about all matters, and are essentially one being. Christ is the son of God; in fact Christ says in the Bible that God is the Father of all of our spirits, making us all children of God.

In the book of Jeremiah, God gives Jeremiah prophecy about what will happen to Jerusalem because the Israelites kept backsliding into paganism, most notably the religion of the worship of Baal by the Canaanites. This was infuriating to God, and one of the main reasons for this was the brutal ritual of human sacrifice that was practiced by adherents to this faith. In fact, many times in the Old Testament God is quoted as saying that he doesn’t want sacrifices of any kind; he wants human beings to live righteous lives of justice and mercy to others and to help the disadvantaged of society in order to honor his name.

One of the reasons that God gives Jeremiah for his destruction of the sacred Temple at Jerusalem and for allowing the Jews to be delivered into exile in Babylon is because of the horrific practices of child sacrifice by the Canaanites. In Jeremiah 19:5, God says, “They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal, which I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind.”

In my book “Jesus is the Sun” which I will link to at the bottom of the page, I write about having found these traditions of child sacrifice in many pagan/polytheistic religions all over the world when I was researching the history of religion in an attempt to find a truth for myself in all the confusion. When one thinks about the brutality of this act, it is completely understandable the fury that God must have felt having to witness this, and his wrath against the practitioners of such acts is understandable.

When I interacted with Christ as the consciousness of the Sun while using a legal substance over several years, it became clear to me that Christ is truly the way to Salvation, just as he teaches us in the Bible. He and God alone can purify our souls of the scars that are left by our transgressions, and allow us to ascend to the heavenly realms.

It is important to understand that all occult religions draw upon supernatural powers, and none of them are God or Christ. Human beings do not have power to do ‘magic’; this is an ability that exists in the realm of the spirit. Those who are drawing on the abilities of any other Deity besides God or Christ are drawing on the powers in opposition to God and Christ, and people need to understand this. It can’t be stressed enough how dangerous this is to our souls, and how it can adversely affect the life-path and afterlife of other innocent human beings.

I also was allowed to understand that a ‘goddess’ figure did once exist, but is not in power of any positive nature any more. I had researched goddess worship quite heavily in my twenties, in order to understand how faith had become so doggedly hyper-masculine. I was allowed to understand some issues concerning the fate of this goddess figure, and they are not at all positive. This is not a spiritual power that is functioning in a positive way right now; in fact the reality is quite the opposite. I do not understand all I have seen in regards to this, and some of it is overwhelming and intense so that the though of trying to narrate these visions in print is upsetting to even contemplate.

But it is clear that Christ is truly the only one with whom we can trust our souls. It is to Christ that God has given power to save, and it is to him that we need to repent and ask forgiveness for our sins. Being in his presence is being surrounded by a spiritual purity that is not possible to describe in human terms, because it is clearly super-human, and love is truly a super-power in his realm. I hope that people will abandon the worship of dethroned and banished deities who are really controlled by dark powers, and cleave to the light of Jesus Christ, who will surround us in his radiant light and give us a protection that will keep us from both being harmed, and harming others as well.

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