“Righteous behavior”

In Ezekiel 33, verses 12 through 16, we are told that salvation lies in turning away from our transgressions and obeying spiritual laws. This is a long passage, but it lays out for us the value of changing our lives so that we can be forgiven for how we have transgressed in the past.

The verses begin with God talking to Ezekiel, saying, “The righteous behavior of righteous people will not save them if they turn to sin, nor will the wicked behavior of wicked people destroy them if they repent and turn from their sins. When I tell righteous people that they will live, but then they sin, expecting their past righteousness to save them, then none of their righteous acts will be remembered. I will destroy them for their sins.”

Here God is making it clear that it is important for us to remain on the path of adherence to spiritual laws. Even though we have accepted Salvation through Christ by repenting of our sins and asking forgiveness, we are still vulnerable unless we remain on the path that Christ is guiding us on. These verses demonstrate that Salvation is not just a one time act, but a path of progress toward continued spiritual redemption.

The verses continue, “And suppose I tell some wicked people that they will surely die, but then they turn from their sins and do what is just and right. For instance, they might give back a debtor’s security, return what they have stolen, and obey my life-giving laws, no longer doing what is evil. If they do this, then they will surely live and not die. None of their past sins will be brought up again, for they have done what is just and right, and will surely live.”

These verses makes it clear that the path to salvation is in repentance and constant change of our behavior, being willing to lay down habits and behaviors that separate us from God and threaten the life of our souls. If we continue to be willing to let go of these habits and behaviors once they are unearthed, and repent of our transgressions once they become clear to us, then God promises us that we will not be separated from him and Christ, as long as we make it our first priority in life to stay on this path of spiritual progress.


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