Romans 2, verse 13

In Romans chapter two, Paul writes that, “For merely listening to the law doesn’t make us right with God. It is obeying the law that makes us right in his sight.” In this passage Paul is referring to the written laws of Moses in the Old Testament, but this can also be applied to the commandments of Jesus as well.

Jesus tell us to love God with all our hearts, and to love others as ourselves. He tells us that these are the two most important commandments and that if we obey these we won’t break the commandments given to Moses.

Since God gave us a new covenant through Christ, he wants us to obey the commandments that Christ gave to us. Christ himself tells us that if we love him, we will obey his teachings.

I grew up in a denomination of Christianity that, like many, impressed upon me that the most important part of Christianity after Salvation through repentance and forgiveness of sin is going to church. Church has become the primary identifying feature of most Christians, and in church we listen to the commandments and teachings of Christ.

Paul reminds us in these verse that our love of Christ must extend beyond just listening to the teachings of Christ and into applying them to our lives. It is through living the commandments to love God and love others as ourselves that we obey God, not through sitting in church and listening to someone else tell us about them.

This sometimes gets lost in contemporary Christianity,  but to be a true follower of Jesus we have to obey his teachings and apply them to our lives. This is something we can take inventory of on a daily basis, asking ourselves are we living the commandments of Christ and asking Christ to show us ways in which we can be better and more thorough at it. It is a great meditation for us to really question how Christ is changing our lives on a daily basis so that we truly obey his teachings and become more and more like him.

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