In Mark 16, verses 15 through 17, Jesus tells his disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.”

These verses are very blunt, and the instructions are clear. Jesus wants his disciples to live for the purpose of spreading his message of Salvation through repentance and forgiveness of sin. He tells us that we have to believe in his ability to purify our souls, because without it our transgressions against self and others just accumulate and leave our souls in dismal shape.

Even though I grew up in a very conservative faction of Christianity, I didn’t understand these concepts at all until I interacted with Christ as the consciousness of the Sun while using a legal substance over a few years. It was then that I felt for myself the unfathomable depth of his love for all of us. This love that I had heard about in church was not even real to me until I felt it coming from him.

I was held in his light and perfect warmth, and given a sense of peace and tranquility that was overwhelming. At one point Jesus showed me the sins of my past, and he waved his golden hand across my soul to show me that I had been forgiven, and act which in the spiritual world is a real physical phenomenon in which the soul is purified of the dark wounds that sin leaves behind.

Jesus wants us to be a conduit for this message once we have accepted Salvation ourselves. He wants this testimony to come through us to other people, so that we have the ability to ‘feed his lambs’ like he instructs his disciples to do in the Gospels. He wants us to realize that each of us has the ability to bring others to him, first by our living testimony, which is our behavior, and then by carrying the message about the Good News.

Once we have accepted this Salvation, he wants us to bring the message to other people so that they can receive spiritual purification as well. Christ loves us all so deeply, and his heart breaks for every soul that is lost to the hell realms. We can return his great love for us by testifying to his glory both with the way we live our lives and the message of Salvation that we share with others.

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