“Anyone who does God’s will”

In Mark chapter 3, Jesus is preaching to a crowd and someone tells him that his mother and brother have come to see him. He replies, in verses 33 and 34, “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” He then looks at the crowd and says, “Look, these are my mother and brothers. Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

This is a reminder from Jesus that we always need to seek the knowledge of what God’s will is for us. He tells us elsewhere in the Gospels that God is the Father of all of our spirits, so in a sense we truly are his brothers and sisters. He is a much larger and more powerful spiritual presence of course, but it is our relationship to God and to him that he wants us to put first and foremost in our lives.

When I had my interactions with Christ while using a legal substance, I was allowed to feel the depth of his love for me, and for all beings. I was stunned at the depth of feeling that he has for all of us. It made me able to understand, finally, how it was that he incarnated on earth and walked through his life even though he knew his end would be very brutal.

He loves us all so much, and he wants us to all join him and God in the heavenly realms, instead of falling into the hell realms upon our death. He wants this so much for us that he came here and explained to us explicitly how to attain the spiritual salvation that he offers us, through repenting of all our sins and asking his forgiveness. This act of submitting to his spiritual authority and asking for his guidance opens a door into our hearts through which he can enter and begin to move us in the direction of a more spiritually righteous mode of living.

When we commit to this path, we are connected to him, and he is always with us. He and God are always challenging us to grow closer to them by moving down the path they have laid out for us. This entails a lot of prayer and relinquishing of our old thoughts, habits, and behaviors. When we join our hearts to Jesus and begin to walk this path one day at a time, we are truly doing the will of God, and bringing ourselves closer to God and Christ in this lifetime. This is what Christ wants for us, and our submission to his authority and direction allows us to join the family of souls that he talks about in the verses above, so that we are truly his brothers and sisters.

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