“To forgive the sins of many”

In Matthew 26, verses 27 through 29, Jesus was eating the Passover meal with his disciples. He took a glass of wine and said, “Each of you drink from it, for this is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and his people. It is poured out as a sacrifice to forgive the sins of many.”

This is the first Holy Communion, which is repeated in churches of many denominations today. This along with the eating of the bread represents the sacrifice that Christ made for all of us by incarnating on earth and living a life of austerity and a death of pain and torment in order to bring us the Good News of Salvation through repentance and forgiveness of sin. He was resurrected on the third day after his death so that he could show his disciples that he is indeed the Son of God and has power over death; not only physical death but also spiritual death as well.

I was raised in a Christian home in a Protestant denomination but I really did not understand these events deeply until I interacted with Christ as the consciousness of the Sun while using a legal substance over a few years. It was during this time that I had consistent interactions with Christ in which he surrounded me with his presence and allowed me to feel a depth of unconditional love and peace that I had never experienced. I was surrounded in his golden light, warmth, and radiance, and felt as if I was perfectly at home, safe, and protected.

Because the love I felt was so overwhelming, I finally understood the love that Christ feels for every living being and how this enabled him to walk through his life of austerity and face his death with such bravery and valor. I never imagined before this the intensity of his love; I had to feel it and be surrounded by it to even understand that it is real. I was able to recommit my life to Christ because of these experiences, and I hope that relating them will confirm for others the veracity of his incarnation on earth and his deep need for all of us to accept the spiritual Salvation that he offers us through repentance of and forgiveness for our transgressions against self and others.

When we accept the spiritual authority of Christ and turn our lives over to him, he and God begin to redirect our walk in life, away from things which endanger the condition of our souls and toward those things that are pure and healthy for our spirit. Jesus’ forgiveness of us purifies our soul of the sins we have already accumulated; he showed me his forgiveness once by waving his golden hand over my soul and showing me how my sins had been forgiven and wiped out of my soul, so that it was pure and clean as if I had just been born.

Jesus loves all of us so deeply and wants to do this for everyone, so that when we pass on we can be accepted into the heavenly realms with a clean spirit. He knows human beings are not perfect, but the pain of losing members of his flock to the hell realms is unbearable to him;  he came here to earth and endured unspeakable agony so that each of us may have a chance, through the Salvation he offers, to return to live with him and God in our heavenly home.

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One thought on ““To forgive the sins of many”

  1. Wonderful to read this write-up.this is worth emulating.
    National Co-Ordinator.


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