“Anyone who isn’t with me”

In Matthew 12, verse 30, Jesus says, “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.” This verse is something that has taken a long time to sink into my consciousness, but as I look back on my journey I see so many ways in which things pulled me away from Christ and God, albeit in a very subtle manner; it was like the saying, ‘death from a thousand paper cuts’.

When I reflect back on this it really underscores for me the intelligence of the being/s that Paul describes in the New Testament as ‘the enemy of your soul’. I write in my free ebook, “Jesus is the Sun” which is available for free on Amazon at this link, about traveling in the body of Christ into the bottom of hell and seeing demonic ‘generals’ or agents of darkness sitting around a table plotting and planning for the eventual overtake of Earth. It seemed as if that is all they do, day in and day out, (there is almost no light at all in the hell realms, and apparently no sense of time). The bottom line is that these beings are devoting a huge amount of time to this, all the time they have, which in their realm seems infinite.

There are myriad distractions in our culture that can drag us away from Jesus, and many things that can cause us to doubt the truth of his existence and his sacrifice for us, through which we attain Salvation of our souls through forgiveness and repentance of sin. I had an experience this morning in which I was commenting on an article that talked about persecution of Christians as a minority (such as the Sri Lanka bombing) but the writer also likened political opposition to right wing views to discrimination against Christianity as well. Not only is this an insult to the sufferings of the victims of this bombing, but this kind of thinking can drive a wedge between Christ and people who don’t hold the same views. I shared my views and within minutes my comment disappeared, in its place was the line ‘this comment has been marked as spam.’

I used to be very involved in online political discussions, and the other night I had a dream that really shook me up. In the dream, I was singing the national anthem, and each time I began to sing, I would begin to ascend up to the sky. I was encouraging other people to sing it, so they could ascend as well. I was enjoying the feeling of being lifted up into the air, but when I turned and looked up at the sky,  a very dark-eyed, menacing face was looking down at me. I was completely shocked because of the contrast between the weightless nature of flight and the clearly malevolent nature of the being I was seeing above me.

To me this was a clear sign that God and Christ were confirming for me that politics is a false God, and that we need to be really clear on this. Right wing infiltration and exploitation of Christianity has done tremendous damage to the image of Jesus Christ in the west; our faith in God and Christ is being exploited by political operatives motivated by greed whose end-game is legislation and policies that benefit them, period. Christ does not belong to a political party, he supersedes all politics and commands us with a capitial ‘C’ to love one another. To be honest, I have to be really careful to watch my emotions when I am exposed to the politicization of Jesus Christ because I feel a lot of anger at the suggestion that one belongs to a political party based on faith; this is something that only benefits the greedy, and it does terrible damage to our faith and to Christ himself.

I believe that this is one way that people can ‘work against’ Christ, without even knowing it; Christianity aligned with politics is a terrible mistake, because at root it is motivated by money, and Christ makes very clear multiple times in the Gospels that we can’t serve him and money. Over and over again in the New Testament Christ surrounds himself with sinners and the undesirables of society; he came here to heal the broken. When I had my interactions with him he made this so clear, taking me in his body all over the planet to dark and hidden places where lost souls were hiding from his light, and into the hell realms to find those overwhelmed by shame and remorse and give them his love and forgiveness. He tells us to be charitable to the poor and disabled and give service to them to them so that we can bring Christ’s love through our hearts to others. I hope that one day the death-grip that right-wing political operatives currently have on many Christians sects will be broken, because this invasion into faith by greedy manipulators works against Christ’s deep desire to appeal to everyone and reach every soul so that he can save every one of us and bring all of us to our heavenly home.

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