“No one can serve two masters”

In Matthew 6, verse 24, Jesus says, “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and love the other. You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money.”

Here Jesus is telling us that when we become two attached to materialism and the accumulation of things our relationship with God will be damaged, that our passion for the things of this world will come between us and our relationship with God. He makes it very clear that we can’t serve God in this state, that we have to relinquish our material lusts and find our passion in living a life that is devoted to obedience to Christ and his teachings.

These verses are comforting to me as I recently left a job in which I was making what was, for me, a decent amount of money. I haven’t spent much of my life above the so-called poverty level, and I was making a living wage for the first time in almost twenty years. However, the job was very physically demanding and not only was it causing my carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up, but it was causing a great deal of pain in my right elbow and was exacerbating some other health problems of mine. I had a part-time job in addition to the well-paying one, and I finally decided to let go of the lucrative one before it wrecked my health.

I prayed about it for several nights before I finally quit, and I had dreams that suggested to me it was okay with Jesus if I left. In one dream, I was standing under an huge heavy box that threatened to crush me, and Jesus swept in and flung the box away from me. I awoke very shocked because the job was in the basement of a large square building just like the box in the dream, and I always felt a sense of oppression when entering.

In later verses in the book of Matthew, Jesus tells us not to worry about the day to day things of life, that we will be provided for. I know that he understands we have to work and keep employment and pay for our bills and insurance policies and so on, but in my life it has been clear that he provides for us our basic needs.

In the last two months while I was employed at this job I had several car repairs and a sick animal, and because of this full-timeĀ  job I was able to meet these bills. I realize now in hindsight God may have just provided me with this job in order to meet these extra expenses, and when it was time to go, he and Jesus let me know that it was okay, that I didn’t have to stay just because I felt guilty leaving a job with a good salary. They showed me they are taking care of me, and if I am putting them first in my life then they will guide me and direct me and take care whatever needs may arise.

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