“By every word”

In Matthew chapter 4, we are told about Jesus having gone into the desert for forty days, during which time he is tempted by the devil. He fasts for this period of time and is very hungry, and the devil tempts him to prove he is the Son of God by turning stones into loaves of bread. Jesus responds, in verse 4, that “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

This verse really speaks to me, because before I interacted with God and Christ while using a legal substance for a few years, I was living ‘by bread alone’ as these verses say. I was not spiritually connected to God and Christ, and I was getting by in life by distracting myself with things like television, over-eating, and over-sleeping.

I had been raised in a Christian home, but I wasn’t connected to the teachings of God and Jesus in the Bible. I was veering more and more toward an atheist mindset, because it is easier to think than to feel, and and to deny that there is any power greater than the human mind.

It was only when I had these interactions that I really understood on a deep level that there are other consciousnesses and greater powers in the universe, some good and some bad. The greatest of these is God, and his Son Jesus Christ is who he chose to come to earth and teach us how to live according to spiritual laws. I interacted with Christ as the consciousness of the Sun, our star, something I was not expecting, thoughI had known for a long time about the parallels between the Sun and Christ, our Savior, throughout history.

I had to have these interactions on a personal level before I truly gave my life to Jesus and began to try to live a life of obedience to his teachings, which are laid out in the Bible. They instruct us to love God with all our hearts, love others as ourselves, and to live a life of service to those less fortunate. Jesus came here and endured terrible suffering to show us that we can be forgiven, and our souls purified, when we accept him into our hearts and repent to him of our transgressions against others and ourselves.

He directed us through the Gospels how to live so that we don’t violate these spiritual laws and darken our souls in the process. Ultimately Jesus showed us that he will forgive our transgressions and allow us to ascend to heaven when we die if we make an effort to bring our lives in line with the spiritual directions that he left with his disciples, who wrote them down in books and letters that would ultimately become the New Testament.

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