“Feed my lambs”

In John 21, Jesus repeatedly asks Simon Peter, one of his disciples, if Simon loves him. Three times Simon answers in the affirmative, and each time, Jesus replies to him that he must ‘feed’ his followers. In verses 15, 16, and 17, Jesus tells him to “feed my lambs”, “take care of my sheep”, and “feed his sheep”.

This is very important to Jesus, that his disciples continue to minister to followers and potential followers of Christ. It is something that I am learning on a personal level as well, that Christ doesn’t just come to us, but that he must come through us.

When I was in a twelve step group for many years I always heard the expression, ‘you have to give it away to keep it’, and this is something that is so true about Christianity as well. Jesus compels us to act on the love that we feel for him, and that we receive from him. Love for Jesus is something that we have to use our hearts to give away to others, to share the light that Christ has to offer, literally and figuratively. In sharing our testimony we can offer to others a path to Salvation through Christ so that Christ does not experience the devastation of losing precious members of his flock (which contains every living being) to the hell realms, which is literally a living death of the spirit.

Jesus is calling on us to help save him from this pain, in whatever way that we can contribute to calling people to him so that he can move their hearts to follow his light. Sometimes this can be as simple as refraining from using certain words or behaving in ways that reflect negativity, so that we don’t ‘hurt our testimony’ as my grandmother would say. Christianity is something that comes through us, not just to us. And the wonderful thing is that we can pray about how to reflect Christ if we are uncertain or unsure about how to bring the light out of ourselves; God and Christ will always answer our prayers about how to be a living testimony to the spiritual Salvation that only they can offer.

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