Jesus on a Motorcycle

I have been praying a lot lately for Jesus to talk to me in my dreams, so that I can feel his presence and feel the bliss of his being again like I used to so strongly when I was interacting with him while using a legal substance over a few years.

I had a dream about him night before last, in which he was running around in the background while I was going about my life. He was a carpenter, and he was dressed in white painter’s clothes. All the while I was occupied with my own affairs, he was busily working in the background fixing things and making things. When I awoke I realized this is exactly how he operates in my life; his presence is unknown to me most of the time but he is always there running the show. In this dream the purity of his being was surrounding me, that sacred grace that I feel only when I am in the presence of him and God.

Then last night I had another dream about him, in which I rode on a motorcycle while he was driving it. I am huge fan of the Jason Bourne movies, and there is one scene in the series where he drives a mini-cooper down a set of stone steps. In my dream, Jesus drove down a set of stone steps while I was riding behind him, with my arms tightly around my chest. He was bobbing in and out of traffic just like in the car chase scenes in the Bourne movies. It was frightening and exhilarating, but I felt totally safe because Jesus seemed completely in control and he was an excellent motorcyclist, though we were going at breakneck speeds and running through traffic and other obstacles.

When I awoke from this dream I felt like he was saying to me that I don’t have to worry, that he is guiding me through all the obstacles of life even though many things in my life are changing and happening so fast. I lost a beloved pet last night, a dog I have had for eleven and a half years. I was very distraught, and I really didn’t think I was going to get any sleep, but when I fell asleep Jesus blessed me with this beautiful dream to let me know that he is always with me, guiding my path, and I just have to hold onto him and let him lead the way. His purity of spirit permeated everything in the dream, and I felt so a peace and warm and protected when I awakened. I hope that everyone will allow Christ into your life so that he can give you this sense of guidance and protection as well.

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