“He carries us in his arms”

In Psalm 68, verses 19 and 20, David writes, “Praise the Lord; praise God our Savior! For each day he carries us in his arms. Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign Lord rescues us from death.”

I was really touched when I read these verses, by the image that the words evoke, of God carrying us in his arms. I know that God and Christ bless us every day in ways that we cannot even imagine, and they are far more at work in our lives on a minute to minute basis than we are aware of.

God blesses us not only by answering our prayers, but also by not answering some of them. I can look back on my life and see many times where I wanted terribly to have a certain thing or outcome or relationship and so many times I was headed in the wrong direction and God put a stop to it and removed something from my life or blocked it from entering my life.

At the time I may have felt disappointment, but as someone much older and more weathered now I understand God’s  protection better and I am so grateful that he redirected me away from so many things that were not good for me. I am so glad that even in the many years when I was away from God and Jesus, they were loving me and protecting me still, allowing me to make my mistakes in life but still shielding me from outcomes that could have damaged my soul.

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