“Eternal Life”

In John chapter 5, verses 39 and 40, Jesus says, “You search the scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me. Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life.”

Jesus is making an interesting point in these verses, though the Scriptures that he refers to were different from what we think of as the Scriptures that we have now. The New Testament was not in existence at that point, though the Old Testament was present.

Jesus is telling us that we need to allow him into our hearts and into our lives so that we can be in constant contact with his overwhelming unconditional love for us. This is what I experienced when I interacted with him while using a legal substance; I was profoundly impacted by the unbelievably deep love that he and God have for all human beings.

It was this love that allowed him to come here to earth and to incarnate as human so that he could teach us spiritual principles that we need in order to have our souls cleansed and purified by him. He came to me as the consciousness of the Sun, our star, and surrounded me with radiant light and warmth and peace like I have never felt.

I learned that it is his healing light that allows him to purify our souls if we repent of our transgressions and ask forgiveness. Christ wants so badly to do this for everyone, but he will not force himself on anyone; he and God give us free will, and if we freely ask him into our lives he and God will come in and change us in ways that direct us to a path that is least damaging for our souls.

Because they are such massive, omniscient, timeless and sacred beings, Christ and God are spiritual authorities to human beings and they want to guide us to our heavenly home. In order to receive their guidance we have to ask for it, and allow Christ to purify the scars or wounds in our soul that sin leaves behind; he can make our souls as pure as the day we were born. I hope that everyone will accept the gift of Christ’s guidance and purification from him, for which he suffered intensely in coming here to earth to deliver to us in person.

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