“I will call on God”

In Psalm 55, verses 16 through 18, David writes, “But I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me. Morning, noon, and night I cry out in my distress, and the Lord hears my voice.”

This is a great reminder to all of us that we need to pray every time we feel overwhelmed, because God and Jesus will give us the strength that we need if we ask for it. Sometimes I feel like some of the things that we go through in life are to teach us just how much we need them, and that we need to call on their strength instead of trying to go it alone all the time.

I have been reading the verses of Paul every day and in his letters he is always telling his congregations things like, to paraphrase ‘we are representatives of Christ’ and we need to ‘conduct ourselves as citizens of heaven’ and to ‘bring honor to Christ’s name’ in the way that we live our lives. I get frustrated with how quickly I can lose this line of thinking when I am around other people, especially at work.

I seem to fall right back into ‘self’ and the lines of thinking I used when I felt like I was in control of everything in my life and this frustrates me. But I have realized that I can pray for God and Christ to help me with these things and to give me the strength I need to remember to conduct myself as a representative of Jesus and his love for all beings. I say a prayer when I walk in to work to be able to do so, and I try to repeat this prayer when I find myself falling into self.

Progress is slow, but I know that God and Jesus hear me and they are giving me strength to continue my journey out of self every day that I am willing to try and to turn to them for help. Sometimes the help comes just from their giving me clarity on what happens when I forget my connection to them and act our of self-will. It becomes more and more uncomfortable, and I am more willing to pause and ask for help. I know I will never be perfect like they are, but I know that the willingness that David talks about above to turn to God will allow me to receive their help when I need it most.

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