Psalm 118, verse 24, tells us, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” I had this verse on my mind on the way home from work, because I have been a bit down today. Suddenly winter has reasserted itself, after days of springlike weather and even a few days of temperatures in the seventies. I knew that this weather was unusual for this time of year and would not last, but it is still a jolt to be greeted with the chilling rain and gray skies after days of sunshine.

Today when I was walking my dog at the lake I tried to find things to be grateful for. There are little tiny flowers of blue and purple sprouting up everywhere on the ground in response to the warm weather, and I even saw a dandelion proudly showing off its golden yellow bloom yesterday.

I looked at the variety of greens on the ground as we were walking today and thanked God for all the different species of plants right below my feet. There were grasses and moss and little tiny pine trees, and multitudes of other things that many probably call ‘weeds’ but are just plants that I don’t know the name of though each has its purpose.

Today on the way home I saw a beautiful yellow flower blooming right beside the road. It reminded me of just how beautiful God’s creation is and that this is what I need to focus on when I am feeling the last strains of the winter doldrums. I have to find things to be grateful for in this day, and not allow myself to dwell in self-pity and sadness because of one random gray day.

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