“The Lord Most High”

Psalm 47, verses one and two, read, “Come, everyone! Clap your hands! Shout to God with joyful praise! For the Lord Most High is awesome. He is the great King of all the earth.”

I love the simple joy in these verses, when I read this it brought to mind how a young child claps their hands for joy at each new discovery in life. This is how I feel most days when I take my dog for a walk down to the stream that runs down from the lake behind our house.

Every day I see something beautiful outside; today we saw another herd of about six or seven deer when we were walking, in addition to some great blue herons and the usual ducks and geese. God’s creation is so full of joy and beauty that it is hard for me to be in any kind of unpleasant mood when I am outside in nature.

I am so grateful that God made us such a beautiful place to come to and grow our souls upon. I am grateful to him and Christ for coming to me when I was using a legal substance for a few years and interacting with me and bringing me back to belief in them, confirming for me that they are real and that they truly love humanity deeply.

I know that it is this deep love that God and Christ almost seem to be made of that allows them to make earth such a beautiful place to live. I only hope that others see this same beauty and joy in nature that I do; it is such a deeply satisfying experience for me to experience every-day awe at God’s beautiful creation.

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