“A house of prayer”

In Luke 19, verses 45 and 46, Jesus is said to have entered a temple and begun driving out the people who were selling animals for sacrifices. He tells them, in verse 46, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My temple will be a house of prayer’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves.”

In this verse it is clear that Jesus wants to return to the church the sacred nature of being a house of God, rather than allowing it to continue being what it has become in the culture of that particular time. He is trying to drive the bad actors out and return some of the sanctity to the church.

We live in a time where some people are making quite a bit of money off of religious culture. There is the concept of ‘prosperity gospel’ where we are told that it is even God’s will for us to be overflowing in wealth, which suggests conversely that those who don’t have financial wealth may be being scorned by God somehow.

But Jesus makes it clear in the Gospels that he and God do  not have human values and in heaven we don’t lack for anything. They simply want us to love one another as ourselves, and love them with all of our hearts in our human existence. Christ wants us to accept the Salvation he offers us, through our repentance and his forgiveness of  our sin.

Financial success is simply not necessary or required in the eyes of God. Jesus tells that God knows our needs and that he will provide for us, but he is very clear in the Gospels that we can’t serve two masters, that trying to serve materialism and greed can pull us away from God. Jesus makes it clear that he wants us to put him and God at the forefront of our lives, and that when we do this, our needs will be provided for.

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