“Everything she has”

In Luke 21, Jesus is at the Temple watching people give donations, and sees a poor widow come by and drop in two small coins. He says, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the rest of them. For they have given a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has.”

This is a great lesson to us that it is not the amount that we give but our devotion to God that matters. God and Christ know what is in our hearts, and they know every aspect of our lives. Jesus saw that the amount the widow gave was a significant amount for her, unlike the rich folks that he saw donating small amounts compared to their income. It shows us that Christ and God appreciate the efforts of people who may have little in this world, but do give what they have.

Christ wants us to give what we have to him, and it may not be money or material goods like in this example. When I interacted with God and Christ using a legal substance, they made it clear to me many different times that I was to write about my experiences with them. I was extremely reticent to do so, because most of my interactions with them were under the influence of a dissociative (though legal) substance.

I didn’t want to announce to the world what I had been doing, but God and Christ made it clear that I was to testify to these experiences. I interacted with Christ as the consciousness of the Sun, and this was something that he wanted me to share. I have heard other people’s experiences with God and Christ, many of which were near-death experiences, and from these I learned that I am not alone, that he always wants people to share with others our experiences interacting with him and God.

In this way, when we share having interacted with God or Jesus or both, we can share the spiritual salvation that Christ offers us if we repent of our transgressions against ourselves or others, and ask forgiveness. Christ is our Savior and our spiritual authority, just as God is, and Christ tells us in the Bible that God is the father of all our spirits. He sent Jesus here to earth to teach us how to accept him as our spiritual teacher, and to accept redemption from Jesus by allowing him to heal our souls of the stains or wounds that our transgressions leave behind in them.

In this way, he can forgive us by purifying these dark places out of our souls so that we don’t sink into the hell realms upon death by the weight of these wounded places that our transgressions leave in the material of our souls. We can all be like this poor widow Jesus references above by sharing with others our experiences interacting with God and Christ, and allowing others to share in our knowledge so that they will be moved to accept spiritual salvation and ascend to the heavenly realms upon passing.

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