“Praise his holy name”

In Psalm 30, verses 4 through 7, David writes, “Sing to the Lord all you godly ones! Praise his holy name. For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.”

I really like these verses because when I was interacting with Christ and God using a legal substance I did experience God to be angry with me at times, but it never lasted. God is so full of mercy and love for us that it must be hard for him to understand sometimes how we fall so short of his hopes for us.

I imagine that being a sacred and holy being like he is, it is probably hard for him to understand human failings. I never understood before, when I was living life as a secular adult, why God was supposed to be feared as we are told in the Bible.

When I interacted with him I understood why. I felt his deep love and incredible compassion for us as human beings, but I also experienced his anger when I didn’t do what he wanted or did something that hurt someone else.

I know that he knows that we can’t intuit his true size and power, and sometimes we forget it is almighty God that we are dealing with. But he knows and it must make him incredulous when we disobey, given his omnipresent power.

But I always felt the love of God return to me. Jesus tells us in the Gospels that God is the father of all our spirits, and therefore every thing he does, he does out of love for us. I know this is the pain that any parent feels when he or she worries about their child, and it is a painful state to have a child that is going off the path. But his love for us overrides everything, and this is something that I know is at the bottom of all of his hopes and plans for us: just that we will continue on the path of obedience and devotion to him and Christ so that we can join them in heaven when we pass on.

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