“The Good News”

In Colossians chapter one, verse six, Paul writes, “This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.”

Reading this verse this afternoon really lifted my spirit. I thought about all that Paul went through in order to spread the news of God’s plan for us to receive Salvation through Jesus Christ, and how hard he worked and how much he suffered to continue to spread the message of salvation of our souls through repentance and forgiveness of sin all over the world.

I didn’t understand the concept of Christian Salvation until I interacted with Christ while using a legal substance. I interacted with him as the consciousness of the Sun, our star, and during this event he healed some pain in my side that was lingering after a prior surgery.

I had left my faith as a young adult and didn’t really even know if I believed in the existence of Jesus as a historical figure. So to interact with him in this way astounded me and shook me to the core of my existence.

Then in another interaction I saw him purify some of the stains or wounds in my soul, or my spirit, and heal them completely as if they were never there at all. I understood this to be forgiveness. He waved his golden hand over my soul and the dark places disappeared behind a ray of golden sunshine emanating from his hand. It was a beautiful experience, and with the one I recounted above, helped to finally understand the concept of Salvation that I had been hearing of all my life.

I understand Christ to be a healer and a being of unfathomable love who wants to heal all of us of our sins by purifying our souls, if we will submit to his spiritual authority over our lives and obey his teachings. If we do this, he will heal those places in our soul and make them like new, and he will come into our lives and begin to redirect our focus from things that harm us and distance us from God, toward the purity and peace that he and God are made of. I hope that everyone will give Jesus the opportunity to do this for them.

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