“Keep your lamps burning”

In Luke 12, verses 35 through 38, Jesus tells us, “Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning, as though you were waiting for your master to return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. The servants who are ready and waiting for his return will be rewarded. I tell you the truth, he himself will seat them, put on an apron and serve them as they sit and eat! He may come in the middle of the night or just before dawn. But whenever he comes, he will reward the servants who are ready.”

This is a very important matter that we need to give much thought to, the second coming of Jesus. Jesus tells us in the Gospels that only God knows the hour or the day when this will happen, and that we always have to be prepared.

When I was interacting with God and Christ while using a legal substance over a few years, I was shown visions of the rapture and tribulations that are mentioned in the Bible. They were very brief, and it was clear that neither God nor Christ wanted to traumatize me, but they did make it clear that these events are a very real possibility.

I interacted with Jesus as the consciousness of the sun, our star, and he repeatedly surrounded me in his healing light and allowed me to feel a warmth, peace, and tranquility that is beyond my ability to adequately describe. His love for us is unfathomably deep, and he wants us all to experience his love. He cares for the soul of every living being, as God does; they both seem to be made of love itself.

Christ wants to enable all of us to go to heaven when we pass on, or to be taken when these events above transpire. He wants us to accept him into our hearts and lives as our Savior, and to repent of all our transgressions and ask his forgiveness. He wants us to accept his spiritual authority over our lives, and obey his teachings and his commandments to love others as ourselves and to love God with all our hearts.

When we accept the salvation that Christ offers us, he and God will begin to direct our lives so that we move away from things that can damage our souls and toward a walk with them that leads us closer and closer to their light. As humans we can’t duplicate their spiritual purity, but if we accept the gift of salvation from Christ and repent of our sins and allow Christ to purify our souls, they will begin to change us little by little. They do this so that we become more and more a reflection of their sacredness and purity, allowing us to channel their love through our hearts to other people, and ascend to the heavenly realms when we pass on, or when Christ comes to collect his followers on earth.

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