“A rich relationship with God”

In Luke 12, verses 16 through 21, Jesus tells us about a rich farmer who decided to build extra barns to house the extra crops growing in his fertile farmlands. Jesus talks about how the man said to himself, “I’ll sit back and say to myself, ‘My friend, you have enough stored away for years to come. Now take it easy! Eat, drink, and be merry!’ In Jesus’ words, “But God said to him, ‘You fool! You will die this very night! Then who will get everything you worked for? Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.”

I love the phrase, ‘a rich relationship with God’, I think it is very beautiful and something worth repeating. It is so easy nowadays with all the distractions that we have through the media to constantly have our attention directed away from the things that matter, like faith in God and Jesus, and toward the accumulation of material things.

Jesus tells us repeatedly in the Gospels that God knows all of our needs, and that he will provide for us. With both internet and television coming at us all the time these days, it is almost impossible to avoid the constant barrage of commercials for material goods and services that we are told will make our lives better or more comfortable somehow.

What material goods cannot give us is salvation and spiritual purification of our souls. This is what Jesus incarnated here on earth to bring to us, and it is the most important need that we human beings have. Jesus tells us in the Gospels that God is the father of all our spirits, and therefore he and Jesus are our spiritual authorities. Jesus can heal the places in our souls that are darkened when we transgress against other or ourselves, and make them like new again.

This spiritual salvation that Christ offers us through repentance and forgiveness of sin is something that no money can buy. Jesus was a healer when he walked on the earth, and he wants to heal our souls in the same way, if we will accept his offer of forgiveness by repenting of our sins and asking his forgiveness, and allowing him into our hearts and lives to direct our path.

He tells us we must obey his commandments to love others as ourselves, and to love God with all our hearts. When we accept his direction in our lives, and become his follower, he promises us that we will be saved and our souls will be purified when we repent following our mistakes, as long as we are contrite and turn away from the mistakes that we make and toward the light of his guidance. When we accept the guidance and salvation that Christ offers, and place our faith in him and God, we have something that is priceless beyond all measure.

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