“You must forgive”

In Luke 17, verses three and four, Jesus tells us, “If another believer sins, rebuke that person; then if there is repentance, forgive. Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, you must forgive.”

When I was interacting with Christ and God using a legal substance over several years, many times Christ carried me into the hell realms under his protection to try to bring people who suffered from lack of self-forgiveness out into the light. I had been shown that I had been a very bad person in a former life, and that I had been forgiven by Christ as well, and allowed to try again.

Jesus used me to show people that they, too, could be forgiven, and that they should forgive themselves. In this verse he is telling us that we must grant others forgiveness over and over again. This is something that is very serious, and that we must really take to heart.

Before these experiences I was greatly in error in my beliefs; I believed that forgiveness wasn’t necessary. It was only after experiencing the reality of those people who were not forgiven and could not forgive themselves that my views changed. ‘

It is important to remember that Christ’s primary message to us when he came to earth was about forgiveness. He came here to teach us that we must accept the spiritual authority of he and God, because God is the father of our spirits. He appeared to me as the consciousness of the Sun, and used his healing light to heal places in my soul that were darkened with sin.

It is this ability to purify our souls if we show contrition and repent that Jesus went through so much suffering to teach us about. He taught that we are children of God and owe an accounting for the state of our souls to both of them. He suffered so greatly to share with us that if we repent of our sins, we will be forgiven, and that if we live lives of obedience to Christ, we will receive the Salvation he promised to us, and that he came here and endured such terrible suffering in order to offer to us.

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