“Pray in the Spirit”

In Ephesians chapter six, verse 18, Paul tells us, “Pray in the spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

I think this is a beautiful piece of advice from Paul, that we stay in constant prayer for others. I have talked a bit recently about how when I was interacting with God and Christ using a legal substance, God let me see the physical quality of prayer.

I began to pray, and my prayer took on a misty appearance, like a cloud. It had a bluish-green color to it, and it slowly began to spiral upward toward the heavenly realms. I realized it was indeed traveling up to God.

I was astonished when this happened, to realize that prayer has physical attributes, although we can’t see them in this dimension of existence. Not only that, but it does reach God’s ears.

I think Paul is giving great advice here, for us to pray for everyone. We can pray to God  for Christ himself, for all the vulnerable beings on this planet,  for the poor and neglected and the downtrodden. We can also pray for all those souls caught in the hell realms, that Christ will give them the forgiveness they need and the strength to forgive themselves, and for Christ to lift them out of their torment and into the heavenly realms.

We can pray for those who are on the verge of making serious mistakes with their souls, that they be saved from missteps by accepting Christ as Savior, repenting of sins and asking forgiveness. If we remain in prayer like Paul encourages us to in these verses, there is no limit to the number of needy and vulnerable souls that we can pray for.

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